Bike commute to River Valley Elementary is easier than you might guess

School is in session and as summer schedules give way to more structured days, parents weigh their options for transportation to and from school. One option for elementary age children (albeit on the older side of that range), is to consider a bike commute. For Verado youngsters, that option may not only be doable but maybe even enjoyable. River Valley Elementary, our designated grade school, is located at 2900 E. River Valley St. along Eagle Road and northwest of The Village at Meridian. But there is an alternate route through Packard Estates that provides a less-traveled passage to school.


Want to do a practice run? Start at N. Devlin Way and navigate in a southeast direction with several short intervals until arriving at E. Bernice Dr., turn left. This street will curve into N. Chandra Way, and you will see school signs designating a school entrance to your left. Cars may use this approach as well, though access to Eagle Road is not permitted. We were curious to know the exact distance, so we biked it ourselves with our GPS watch. From the Verado playground to the southwest parking lot of River Valley, the distance measured 0.98 mile. Strange that we traveled for one mile, it felt closer than that. 

A few last tips: always wear a helmet and be mindful of your surroundings. This path-less-traveled to school can be a fun way to get daily exercise and gain a little independence at the same time! 

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