Photo Tour of Verado | Fall 2017

It’s worth your time to drive through Verado this month and see the enormous change in the topography. Aside from the homes that are vertical, there is fencing and landscaping throughout phase one that really start to bring the neighborhood in focus. 

With the benefit of the seasonal color and autumn skies, it seems that the entire neighborhood is aglow with excitement! Even with the absence of water, the South Slough irrigation canal, captured our attention.

The centralized park includes playground equipment and a half-size basketball court, with fencing framing the space beautifully.

Our first wave of homes will include a mix of single level townhomes and two story homes, designed for a smaller footprint, with the first to be complete in mid January, 2018. Introductory pricing will begin at $222,900 for the townhomes, and $232,900 for the two story homes. 

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