Straight talk about closing costs and interest rates

On the heels of a very active spring market, we aren’t seeing much of  a slow down as we approach July. For many buyers looking in the moderate price range for Boise/Meridian, it’s the interest rates that are making some take the leap into homeownership. For others, it’s a life event, a relocation, an attempt to avoid high rental rates, or simply a desire to downsize. Regardless, the sub 4% interest rate is making people take note. 
So, what does it take to buy a home in Verado? Jason Ames with Homebridge created the worksheet link below, using a $294,900 purchase price scenario with 3% down, 30 year conventional fixed rate. Basically, if you have good credit, some money saved up and can afford a $1,685 monthly payment, owning a home could be in your near future.
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There are many loan programs available other than the one described above; and visiting with a loan officer early in the process is key.  Whether you’re looking to buy within 30 days or within the next year, a loan officer can make suggestions to make the path to homeownership an easy one. If you would like to discuss your financial goals and options, please feel free to contact Jason Ames at 208.869.4222 or