Backyards that embrace openness

In almost every neighborhood there is a pocket or section that has different characteristics than the majority. Those differences may be in the form of housing style or homesite. Here at Verado, there are a series of homes that back up to the common area pathway that borders the South Slough, as part of the City of Meridian’s Pathway System. These homesites are generally larger and all have wrought iron fencing along the back property line. 

The backyards are professionally landscaped with thoughtful placement of various trees, shrubs and grasses. On the other side of the fence is a xeriscaped border with shrubs and grasses scattered about, along with an occasional tree flanking the 10 ft. asphalt pathway. Though the slough itself is fenced, there is an openness to the view as it extends over the canal to the backyards in the distance.
Do these open and airy qualities sound pleasing to you? If so, stop by to take a closer look at these great backyards, accompanied by gorgeous model homes from Blackrock Homes’ Urban Series, currently starting at $311,900 on Sharptail Street.  For more information on our available model homes, please contact Angie at 208.250.2774 c. or